Our Vision

We created Fox Lab when we realised the need for a more collaborative process with artists for printing their fine art projects.

We realised that artists want more than just dropping off their files and then coming back to collect them.

We created a more hands-on approach that allows you to collaborate with us in a way that keeps you informed and part of the printing process.


Our vision is also a commitment and a promise, to you the artist.

We are passionate about helping you take your work from the digital space, to being displayed in the real world precisely as you visualised. We understand that artists want more than just to drop off their files and come back when they are ready to collect.

Therefore, we created Fox Lab, providing a more hands-on approach, that allows you the artist to have a more personalised experience that treats you like a person, not just an order number. We understand because each artwork is different. Therefore, so is the printing process and approach required.

We provide a personalised touch. This allows us to get to know you and your artwork, ensuring you remain informed and updated on every part of the printing process.

Our vision at Fox Lab is to offer a unique service to the art and photographic communities. We are dedicated to providing a service like no other, a collaboration between artist and printmaker.

We take our craft and yours seriously.