Fine Art Printing

Fine Art Printing, also known by its lesser common name giclée, refers to a process of inkjet printing on fine art papers to produce archival, museum-grade prints.

The technique and equipment used in the production of a fine art print allow us to accurately reproduce the colours and tones of your original artwork and photographs. We stock a huge range of archival papers here, all have been handpicked for their own specific reasons and traits. We understand it’s often difficult to pick the “right paper for the job” which is why we offer test printing on all our papers.

We print using Epson’s Large format printers driven by Mirage Print, this allows us to closely control and fine-tune your images and artwork before it comes out of the printer, as well as a complete colour managed workflow right through from capture to print. We work closely with Les Walkling & Co in order to have access to some of the best .icc profiles on the market.

What does this all mean? Basically we spend A LOT of time getting things right on our end so you see a perfect print on yours. The whole process of producing a fine art print, be it from an original artwork or a captured file should be enjoyable. We take great care to ensure you are involved in the entire printing process, from preparing the file, to choosing the paper and any adjustments that may need to be made to ensure we are getting 100% out of your files.

Art Reproduction

Many established and even newer artists are realising the benefits that can be gained by selling prints of their original artworks.

We offer a complete reprographic service. By using a museum quality camera and lighting equipment, we use our illuminant specific ICC profiles and extensive knowledge of colour retouching to ensure your original artwork is matched and reproduced. Fox Lab also specialises in the documentation of archival items and documents, as well as documenting art collections for archival purposes.

For the reproduction of oil paintings, heavily textured works or works with foils or metallic elements, cross-polarization. It’s possible that specific lighting techniques may be needed and these will incur a 10% setup fee. We supply files for a variety of different applications such as Archiving, printing, website and social media use. On-location reproduction photography is possible for an additional cost. This service includes murals, artwork in homes and galleries.

All images are delivered via a personal Dropbox gallery and come with an artist proof for you to keep.


Exhibition printing is our specialty!

We treat this process with the utmost care and attention to detail. We see how much effort goes into the preparation and editing of your images, and it’s only fair that we treat them with the same effort when printing them.

We use only the finest museum quality cotton rag papers and a finely tuned colour management process to ensure that there is always a high standard maintained right through the printing process.

Exhibition sponsorship is also available and something we pride ourselves on being able to offer.

The Process

From Consult to Finished Print.



We will sit down with you and work out the best printing to suit your needs. During this consultation, we discuss and recommend the best paper choices, image selections and sizing, file preparation, digitisation of your artwork, edition printing and print distribution. This ensures we build a tailored workflow to suit your needs and address any concerns prior to printing.


Art Capture

By using a museum quality camera and lighting equipment, we use our illuminant specific ICC profiles and extensive knowledge of colour retouching to ensure your original artwork is matched and reproduced.


Test Printing

We design our test printing or proofing to check colour fidelity and resolution. We want to ensure your files are 100% perfect before we produce your final prints. This involves printing on the selected papers at the time of the consult to work out the best paper for your work.


Print Evaluation

Once we finish the test printing, we will have another consultation with you so you can see the pieces and we finalise paper stock. We also discuss any adjustments that may be required before we proceed with producing your final prints.



This is where the magic happens. Your images are produced using our state-of-the-art printers, paired with a selection of our finest museum quality cotton based papers and a little bit of printing magic.


Finished Print

The final product of a well constructed series of steps to produce a print that begs to be purchased and displayed on walls for the world to see.