Jason Fisk

Colours of the Canal


About the Print

Archival pigment ink-jet print on 310gsm textured cotton rag. 

Edition: Open Edition, Signed by the Artist.

About the Artist

Bold. Vibrant. High key. Nature. 

After years of having a love of the natural world, a chance opportunity to use a handheld camera started a whirlwind of creativity and new opportunities for Jason Fisk, now 2 years into his photography journey. 

Initially inspired by the enchanting floral masterpieces of Macro artist Peter Wyss, Jason began a journey to better understand colour theory and his own preferences in photography. 

Deep diving into the world of lightroom, photoshop and youtube videos, it became very apparent that soft and subtle was not the direction he would go in.

With a first year spent trialling, studying and applying the nuances of Fashion, street, Wedding, family, event and portrait photography, his digital artistry and style grew and changed, evolving over the months. 

Adopting techniques from fashion photography icon Joanna Kustra and studying Landscape legend William Patino, the shift to vibrant and artistic nature became apparent. 

The multi-genre process of elimination led Jason to his true photographic style: Highkey Landscape Photography. 

With an Acceptance into the National Photography exhibition in his first year, he now focuses his attention solely on exploring the locations that he deems his 'happy place'. 

Sharing his long term close connection to nature, Jason captures dynamic and colourful scenes in his home state of Western Australia. 

"I want to relax or excite people with my shots. The importance of preserving our natural world and the benefits it brings us should not be ignored. It should be enjoyed, protected and loved by all"


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