Snorkel Down Under

Intergalactic Kaleidoscope


About the Print

Featuring The Bigfin Reef Squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana)

With radiant and holographic colours these squid are luminous and mesmerizing. Often found close to the surface chasing their prey in the moonlight, these beauties might make you think twice about eating calamari.

Bigfin reef squid grow fast, and with this comes an incredibly short life span of about 1 year which makes seeing them alive out in the ocean even more special.

Did you know?

Just like their cousins, the octopus, they have eight arms with an additional two tentacles.

Photo Taken: Townsville, Australia

Archival pigment ink-jet print on Metallic Paper. 

Edition: Open Edition, Signed by the Artist.


About the Photographer

Lawrence Scheele is 26 year-old underwater photographer and Marine Biologist from Sydney, Australia. Since as long as he can remember, Lawrence has been fascinated with the ocean, in particular cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish, squid & nautilus). 
Lawrence runs a successful social media platform called, 'Snorkeldowunder,' and Ultimately, his mission involves traveling Australia and around the world in search of cryptic marine species whilst bringing educational and conservational awareness to the lesser known creatures of the ocean.

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