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About the Print

Featuring The Day Octopus (Octopus cyanea)

Is it a coral? Is it a fish? No, it’s a Day Octopus! Meet the masters of camouflage.

Whilst most octopuses are active at night, as their name suggests these magnificent creatures are most active during the Day. They live on tropical coral reefs and can usually be found with stashes of crabs claws displayed outside their den.

Did you know?

In many cultures the octopus holds large cultural significance and in some places they have been deemed as a god.

With eight arms, three hearts and blue blood, you could say these beauties are practically royalty.

Photo Taken: Maui, Hawaii

Archival pigment ink-jet print on Metallic Paper. 

Edition: Open Edition, Signed by the Artist.


About the Photographer

Lawrence Scheele is 26 year-old underwater photographer and Marine Biologist from Sydney, Australia. Since as long as he can remember, Lawrence has been fascinated with the ocean, in particular cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish, squid & nautilus). 
Lawrence runs a successful social media platform called, 'Snorkeldowunder,' and Ultimately, his mission involves traveling Australia and around the world in search of cryptic marine species whilst bringing educational and conservational awareness to the lesser known creatures of the ocean.

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