Snorkel Down Under

Weddy Sea Dragon


About the Print

Featuring The Weedy Sea Dragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus)

Is it a weed? Is it a seahorse? No, It's a Weedy Seadragon! Yes, Dragons do exist!

According to the IUCN they are listed as Near Threatened due to illegal poaching and habitat degradation. Their cousin the Leafy Seadragon is Sir David Attenborough’s favourite marine animal which Lawrence has since photographed and hopes to see again very soon.

Did you know?

Weedy Seadragons are a part of the Syngnathidae family which includes pipefishes & seahorses.

Photo Taken:  Flinders Pier, Australia

Archival pigment ink-jet print on Metallic Paper. 

Edition: Open Edition, Signed by the Artist.


About the Photographer

Lawrence Scheele is 26 year-old underwater photographer and Marine Biologist from Sydney, Australia. Since as long as he can remember, Lawrence has been fascinated with the ocean, in particular cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish, squid & nautilus). 
Lawrence runs a successful social media platform called, 'Snorkeldowunder,' and Ultimately, his mission involves traveling Australia and around the world in search of cryptic marine species whilst bringing educational and conservational awareness to the lesser known creatures of the ocean.

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